Online Yoga & Meditation Classes

For Everyone


Awaken.Yoga is my new online home to share yoga and meditation practices with you.

Accessible classes for all levels + all bodies. 

Choose how long you practice: 5 to 90 minutes.  

Tune in wherever you are. 

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Aligned Vinyasa

(60 min)

This hour long comprehensive practice helps you anchor yourself and provides you with good structural integrity so that you can feel more stable, able and free. We'll explore a warming opening series, twists and hip openers, strengthening postures, supported pigeon and backbends. This is a perfect practice to help you wake up to different aspects of yourself and how they weave together with ease and grace, leaving you feeling strong, balanced and clear.

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Morning Clarity

(25 min)

Greet yourself with this sweet sequence designed to put you in a state of softness, opening and availability. Activate with twists, crow pose, twisted dog and then slow down with soothing supine postures and potent hip openers to help you connect to a sense of buoyancy and freshness inside.

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Easeful Heart Meditation

(9 min)

Connect to deep healing with this potent practice designed to help you find clearance, feel at ease in your body and luminous in your heart.